Upgrade Options

Precision Control

Auto / Assisted Steering

Features all the capabilities of the BlackBox Go or the BlackBox Advance with the addition of Assisted and Auto Steer options.


Assisted Steering with new clutch less mechanical drive unit and built in encoder providing higher torque and more accurate steering.


The Auto Steer interface supports both CAN & Steer Ready Vehicles.


Compatible with EGNOS, GLONASS, OmniSTAR and RTK and easy to transfer between machines..


Implement Control

Planter Automatic Headland Shut Off

Headland Management

Reduce seed waste

Say good-bye to over or under planting seed and potatoes, use the BlackBox to automatically switch off the planter at the end of every row.

Customers have reported significant reduction in overlap reducing wastage when the headland is planted.

Variable Rate Application

Variable Rate Technology

The streamlined transfer of application maps - from a precision farming partner straight to the field - enables less skilled computer users to embrace precision agriculture with confidence.

BlackBox GPS systems ensure accurate application, providing a visual display of the map, allowing the operator to skip areas with no application rate. The system is compatible with all UK precision farming service providers and most application controllers.

Designed to be very easy to set up and use in the field, the system boasts a huge capacity for storage of maps and automatically keeps a record of what was done and where.

Spreader Automatic Shut Off

Auto Shut Off

Spreader contractors and owners looking to reduce the over application of fertilisers.


Key Benefits:


  • Automatically stops output over applied areas

  • Eradicate overlap

  • Reduction in materials

  • Reduction in costs

Sprayer Boom Section Switching

Integrated with BlackBox Advance or Evolution when spraying or planting, our innovative SCS systems can be used to govern up to 12 sections.


The discreet, self-contained unit is sealed to protect the product from the harsh in-tractor environment and is supplied with the necessary cabling to link to current control systems. BlackBox directs the SCS to control individual sections, automatically shutting off when necessary to eradicate overlap.


The result is a considerable reduction in cost, thanks to reduced material input, as well as environmental improvements, since the risk of chemicals reaching ‘no spray zones’ is significantly reduced. This gives advanced spraying sophistication at a price that is accessible to the majority of farmers and contractors.


Data Transfer and Metering

Vehicle Radio Link

The BlackBox MultiView, a new function of the BlackBox Advance, uses local radios to communicate between a fleet of vehicles in an area; providing real-time updates of the work done, to each of the vehicles.  This ensures that all of the work is complete and over application and misses are eradicated.  When there's a short window of opportunity, due to weather or resources, the MultiView ensures the job is completed quickly and efficiently.  Operating more than one vehicle in a field at the same time can be a real challenge when it comes to regulatory compliance therefore accurate application and documentation is vital for today’s working practice on farm.


Key points:


  • Visibility of all vehicles working in a field

  • Provides real-time data between machines on work completed

  • Prevents over application and misses

  • Enables quick completion of work when there's a short window of opportunity

  • Clear A-B lines for re-application of additional products

  • Simplifies record keeping on compliance

  • Sync data remotely or in the office.

Flow Metering


The new BlackBox Pulse, enable farmers and contractors to measure and record the exact amount of liquid, mass or gas used on all types sprayers of slurry machines.  Helping to save costs and resources, by recording what was used and where the Pulse also helps with accurate recording and invoicing and helps simplify record keeping for compliance. The BlackBox Pulse is part of the BlackBox Advance software.


Key points:


  • Measure and record exact amount of liquid, mass or gas used

  • Used on all types of sprayers and slurry machines.

  • Save costs and resources

  • Accurate records for invoicing and compliance.

  • Part of the BlackBox Advance software.


Powered By 12v Vehicle Supply


Multiple 3D Guidance Modes


Bright 7" HD

Touch Screen 


Built-in DGPS Receiver