GPS Systems for Agriculture

The BlackBox GPS system is our core product that allows users to either purchase a basic standalone product or an upgradable product that grows with the users requirements.

Area Measurement, Guidance and Recording
Variable Rate and Spreader Control
Sprayer Control and CAN Bus


Why do you need GPS?


To simply save you money by ...
Reducing Overlap
Saving Time
Using Less Fuel
Lowering Input Costs

Patchwork Difference

Using Terrain Compensation, GPS with WAAS/EGNOS/GLONASS to obtain a true ground position, even on rolling ground. This ensures that any GPS position inaccuracies caused by uneven ground are severely reduced.

A 5 degree angle without Terrain Compensation equals a 21cm position error.


True Accuracy with Built in Terrain Compensation

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All future software updates are free of charge and easily downloaded from our website.

Lifetime Support


Software Upgrades