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Why do you need GPS?


To simply save you money by ...
Reducing Overlap
Saving Time
Using Less Fuel
Lowering Input Costs

Patchwork Difference

Using Terrain Compensation, GPS with WAAS/EGNOS/GLONASS to obtain a true ground position, even on rolling ground. This ensures that any GPS position inaccuracies caused by uneven ground are severely reduced.

A 5 degree angle without Terrain Compensation equals a 21cm position error.


True Accuracy with Built in Terrain Compensation


If you have your own Android device, you can use the device with your BlackBox system via Bluetooth. The standard App free to download and install via the Google Play store. This gives the user the flexibility to use a smaller or larger display.

The BlackBox Apps can even be used on your Android Mobile phone allowing you to transfer your data using your mobile phone, removing the need for a second SIM card.


Our commitment to our customers is second to none. We offer technical support via email and telephone for the lifetime of the product.


All future software updates are free of charge and easily downloaded from our website.

Lifetime Support


What our customers have said about our BlackBox GPS products

Mathew Roberts

Farmer, Flintshire

Using the BlackBox we’re saving 10 – 15% on fuel, inputs and labour.

Robert Holmes

Farmer and Contractor, Derbyshire

Compared to the competition, the BlackBox is more accurate, simpler to use, cost less and can easily be upgraded with specialist options.

Christopher Glenn,

Farmer, Leicestershire

It has proven a great investment and is excellent for guidance

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