Variable Rate Unlock for BlackBox Advance

Variable Rate Unlock for BlackBox Advance


The Variable Rate (VRT) software allows the BlackBox Advance to send application map rate data to an Implement controller, to automatically adjust the amount of material that is applied within specific areas of the field. 


The streamlined transfer of application maps - from a precision farming partner straight to the field - enables less skilled computer users to embrace precision agriculture with confidence.


BlackBox GPS systems ensure accurate application, providing a visual display of the map, allowing the operator to skip areas with no application rate. The system is compatible with all UK precision farming service providers and most application controllers.


Designed to be very easy to set up and use in the field, the system boasts a huge capacity for storage of maps and automatically keeps a record of what was done and where.


Once the order has been placed, a member of Patchwork Technology staff will contact you via the telephone number provided to issue the 'Unlock Code'. 


You will be required to be with the BlackBox unit and have a sufficient power source to operate the unit.

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