Patchwork GPS Systems for Agriculture

The BlackBox GPS system is our core product that allows users to either purchase a basic standalone product or an upgradable product that grows with the users requirements.

Why do you need GPS?


To simply save you money by ...
Reducing overlap
Saving time
Using less fuel
Lowering input costs

Why choose a Patchwork GPS system?

Simple to use

"Compared to the competition, the BlackBox is more accurate and simpler to use.”


Robert Holmes, Derbyshire

Value for Money

“Using the BlackBox we’re saving 10 – 15% on fuel, inputs and labour."


Mathew Roberts, Farmer, Flintshire

Lifetime Support

“Continued Support from 

Patchwork is what makes the difference”


Derek Carnegie, Aberdeenshire

What's standard with our GPS system?

GLONASS Included
Water and Dust Proof Casing*
Built In Terrain Compensation**

*Except the BlackBox Air and Standard Android Tablet.  ** With all guidance products.