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​Patchwork developed its first BlackBox product in 2003, with the aim of improving accuracy of area measurements and the recording of fertiliser and chemicals applications. The product was designed as an aid to reduce waste and better manage the land to ensure that chemicals were only applied where it was needed.


The addition of Guidance to our product came along later and variable rate technology (VRT) all adding to the environmental benefits of using GPS within agriculture.

In more recent years Spreader Automatic Control and Sprayer Section Control have been added to our list of environmental features to ensure that any chemical is only applied once via the use of mapping and GPS position.

These products are still available today in our current range of products to ensure that fertiliser and chemicals are only applied where they are needed and to ensure that our environment is protected and statutory requirements are met by operators and owners.

We take Environmental issues seriously and are continuing to look at innovative products to help protect our land for future generations, one pass at a time.

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for Guidance, Recording
and Control

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for Sprayer Control and Section Control

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