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8 Section control with a Kuhn spreader

Patchwork has developed a system to automatically control up to 8 sections using a BlackBox linked to a Kuhn Spreader (Quantron A and E2 control box).

We have developed the system to help reduce the waste that is produced through over application of fertilisers, by using the power of GPS to accurately control the spreaders distribution. At Patchwork we have learnt and seen from our customers how much can be saved by using GPS to apply what is required as opposed to working on pure guesswork. In a business where the value of the product is ever decreasing and the costs to produce are increasing, being able to reducing costs can make all the difference.

The Kuhn spreader system allows control of 4 or 8 sections to limit overdosing and when used in conjunction with the simple to use BlackBox Advance creates a system that is proven to save time and money again and again.

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