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Sands Sprayer upgraded with BlackBox Stealth

Phillip Hall in Suffolk recently had his Sands Sprayer upgraded by Patchwork Technology, by fitting the BlackBox Stealth Phillip added automatic section control to his sprayer.

Section control automatically switches sprayer boom sections off when a section enters an area that has already been sprayed.

The BlackBox Stealth also provides Phillip with Guidance using the latest R2 GPS receiver and Data Recording.

The BlackBox Stealth can be retro fit to many different sprayers beyond the uses that Phillip needed. The BlackBox Stealth can be used as a Rate Controller replacing an existing control system, Supply Variable Rate either directly through rate control or via a sprayer’s existing control system.

The BlackBox Stealth is expandable using its in built CAN bus to connect extra Product Control Nodes or a Switch Box for manual switching.

The flexibility of the BlackBox Stealth allows the choice to use the inbuilt GPS or connect to an existing tractor GPS.

Using the Android platform the system can be used on a tablet of any size, Patchwork Technology supplies either a 7" or 8" tablet or you can provide your own tablet and Patchwork will supply the software for it.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements contact Patchwork on 01291 673366 or click here

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