BlackBox Go/Advance (Waterproof) Software Update

(For use on Windows operating systems only)



1) Click on the link below and when prompted click run (this may appear twice).


Click here to begin the BlackBox GO/Advance (Waterproof) software download Ver 14.0.101 - Release Date 20/08/2020

2) A window with a button will appear, asking for the USB stick to be inserted (insert the SD card from the unit, please use the Card reader supplied if there is not a SD card slot available on the PC). 

Once inserted select the model of BlackBox and click on the Download Upgrade button, this will automatically download the update to the USB stick.


3) When complete remove the stick and insert back into the BlackBox unit. 
4) Power up the unit, the BlackBox will automatically detect a newer version of software on the SD card, press OK when prompted to install the software.

If the software is not detected and loads straight to the Home screen press Shutdown, when the Menu screen opens press Upgrade, when complete press OK, then press Start BlackBox to load the software as normal with the upgrade installed.