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BlackBox Air/Air+ Software Update

(For use on Android operating systems only)



WiFi Update

Important!! Ensure the BlackBox Launcher app is version 103.0 or higher before running a Wifi update. 


Click here for instructions on installing the latest version of the BlackBox Launcher App

1) Move the Android tablet within range of a Wi-Fi connection or mobile hotspot.

2) From the Home Screen press Shutdown then Yes.

3) Press Android Setup and select Wi-Fi.

4) Enable Wi-Fi, select the name of the Wi-Fi network in the list and if prompted enter the Wi-Fi password.

5) Once connected press the Home button, select Upgrade and press Air.

6) This will download the upgrade and when the installation window appears press Install.

7) Once the install is complete press Open to relaunch the software.



Manual Update

1) Ensure you have both the Android tablet with the charging cable.

2) Click the link below to download the Android software to this computer

3) Usually a download link will appear in the top right hand side of the browser, click the arrow and select show in folder, a file named blackboxair.apk should be in the folder, right click on the file and click Copy.

4) With the tablet powered on, connect the charging cable into the side of the tablet and the other end into a USB slot in the PC.

5) Connect the tablet to the PC as a USB storage device.

6) Go to Windows explorer, locate the device and open the folder called Download.

7) Right click in the folder and click Paste to copy the ‘blackboxair.apk’ file into the Download folder on the tablet.

8) Once the file has copied, press Turn off USB storage on the tablet.

9) Press the Home button, Show Apps and then OK.

10) Find the app called File Manager, open it, then press Internal Storage > Download and select the ‘blackboxair.apk’ file.

11) This opens the installation window, press Install and once complete press Done, then Home.

12) Reinstall the tablet and charge cable back in the vehicle and launch the software as normal.

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