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BlackBox Marine Variable Rate Kit

BlackBox Marine Variable Rate Kit


The BlackBox Marine Variable Rate Kit comes preloaded with the Section Control and VRT software on top of the Guidance Kit. The software allows the GPS system to be connected to a multitude of different manufacturer controllers to perform operations including Variable rate application using maps, Automatic Shut Off and Spreader Section Control. The GPS Kit is supplied with the cable for your make/model of controller, ready to connect and use.

    • Android OS Application
    • Area Measurement
    • Terrain Compensation
    • Field boundary measurement and auto detection
    • Field recognition
    • Store Farm/Fields and Boundaries
    • Straight and Curved 3D Guidance modes
    • Headland Guidance
    • Headland Warning
    • Pause and Resume multiple jobs
    • Job Recording
    • Automatic Recording Option
    • Variable Rate Application
    • Uses Shapefile, BBA and PWxml map file formats
    • Automatic Shut Off
    • Dynamic Rate Adjust
    • Spreader Section Control
    • Headland on/off Control
    • Sprayer Section Control
    • Synchronising of Data (3G and WiFi)
    • Tracking (3G and WiFi)
    • Operates from 12v vehicle power supply
    • USB port for charging device
    • Upgradable

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