Reduce your input costs, fuel and time – Can you Afford Not to!

Fully utilise your maximum spreader width, no overspreading, decrease your time in the field, track-to-track accuracy no matter the terrain with the BlackBox Eco+ and BlackBox Go. “Using the BlackBox we’re saving 10-15% on fuel, inputs and labour” Mathew Roberts, Ty Draw Farm

BlackBox Advance keeps growing

The upgradable water and dust proof BlackBox Advance just keeps growing with the introduction of the new BlackBox MultiView and BlackBox Pulse. The BlackBox MultiView allows multiple users to view and record real time data of work completed by themselves and other vehicles in the field, this gives everybody one view of all the work completed so there’s no over application and nothing is missed. All records can be synced remotely or in the office for compliance or correct invoicing. The BlackBox Pulse records the exact measurement and amount of liquid or mass used on sprayers, spreaders and slurry machines. Exact quantity, and location, of liquid or mass is recorded for accurate invoicing a

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