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Headland Guidance with GPS

Many small to medium size farms still operate on pure guesswork whilst managing headlands. This inevitably leads to over/under application and product being wasted in the hedge, this impacts not only the bottom line of the business but the environment too.

With an average field size of 10 hectares, 30-40% of field area forms part of the headland when applying products at a 24 metre width. The first pass around the field is very often done by eye and is pure guesswork. With GPS the guesswork can be eradicated and application can be incredibly accurate.

In a climate where every saving is important, the use of GPS Headland Guidance is a must.

The Patchwork BlackBox has this feature as standard on all products from the Eco+ model upwards.

Simply map the field once using the BlackBox and store under the farm and field name, the BlackBox will then automatically recognise the field and load the correct headland guidance line, based on the current width of the implement.

With proven savings of 10-15% on fertiliser alone, this is a piece of money saving technology that is anything but a gimmick.

Patchwork have been building GPS guidance systems for over 18 years and build product built and designed in the UK, for UK farmers and contractors.

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