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Be quick the deadline is 4th November 2020 Patchwork Technology has a range of Precision Farming products that are eligible for R2-SG76 and SG 42 of the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme Round 3. The following items meet the specification for these categories:- R2-SG76 – GPS Light Bar BlackBox Air Price £950 Grant allowance £521.20 cost to you £428. 80 BlackBox Air+ Price £1250 Grant allowance £521.20 cost to you £728. 80 BlackBox Marine Price £1500 Grant allowance £521.20 cost to you £978.80 SG42 - Variable Rate Controller for sprayers and fertiliser spreaders VRT and Section Control for Fertiliser Spreaders BlackBox Marine Price £22

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