New Software Update!!

There is a new software update available for the Blackbox Eco Plus, Go and Advance. BlackBox software version 12.7.0 has new features for the Advance including:- - The Kuhn / Rauch spreader section control is now available in BlackBox Advance with Autoshutoff enabled. This provides 4 or 8 section control whilst connected to the Quantron E2 and A controllers.* - Patchwork Multi-View is a new feature allowing BlackBox Advance users to view the work done in the same field by other BlackBox users using a local radio link (available separately). This enables immediate feedback on the work already done by all vehicles in real-time and what is left to do.** - Patchwork Pulse system has been added t

Update - Autumn Special Offer!!

For a limited time only, purchase a BlackBox Eco+ for only £1000!! The BlackBox ECO+ is selling fast, call today to get one of the last few at this all time low price. Speak to your local Patchwork Dealer or call us direct on 01291 673366 Click here to find out more about the Eco+ This price excludes VAT and delivery.

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