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More with the BlackBox Air+

For only £200* extra the BlackBox Air+ gives you all these additional features...


Headland Guidance

Reduce waste on the headland, with headland guidance giving you a guidance line from the field boundary. Giving you the correct distance from the field edge based on the working width every time. This is ideal for pre-emergent spraying and grassland spreading.


Pause Job

Got rained off or run out of time, no problem just pause the job and continue tomorrow. This allows you to complete your previous work to obtain a full work record.


Headland Warning

Stop over planting, headland warning will count you down to your headland mark. Useful for drilling or planting, this allows the operator to manually start and stop the planter using the GPS to calculate the correct distance from the field edge.


Auto Record

Let the BlackBox Air+ automatically switch the coverage area on and off to give you the most accurate coverage measurement. Using the coverage area that has already been done, the system knows when to switch the coverage on and off.



For lone worker protection and asset tracking, use the free Android App to know the location of all your vehicles.



BlackBox Air with no Tablet - £700*

BlackBox Air with Tablet - £800*

BlackBox Air+ Software Upgrade - £200*

* All prices exclude VAT and Delivery.


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