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Don't just cut grass, cut Costs

The BlackBox Air and Marine are proven products when it comes to cutting costs

The BlackBox GPS products have been proven to cut costs, such as product, fuel and time.

When doing “in field” work like mowing, the BlackBox Air and Marine will allow you to section up your field effectively making the whole process of tedding, raking and baling so much easier and quicker.

By minimising short work and maximising your efficiency in fuel, time and effort, the BlackBox Air and Marine will become a vital part of your everyday farm work.

But don't just take our word for it, here is what one of our customers says...

“I find the BlackBox system invaluable when mowing and tedding, reducing passes and allowing more ground to be covered in every pass. The savings in fuel, time and labour are evident”

Dan Ward, 2019

For more information on how you can cut costs too, call Andrew on 07876 744598 or visit our website

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